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From breed registries, racing associations, owners, trainers to related employees and businesses our clients have come to rely on Richard Buller CPA Services insights into the unique accounting and tax issues you face every day. We understand that the IRS looks harder at certain businesses than others and equine and other ‘farm related’ businesses get a harder look than most. We understand what you’ve been dealing with and we can help.

Did you know.....that equine businesses are about 10 times more likely to be the subject of an IRS audit than non-equine farming businesses?

Through our close work with a leading equine lawyer in the state of Louisiana, conveniently located just down the street from our office in Jennings, we offer comprehensive solutions to your problems. This close cooperation ensures that no matter the situation we can help avoid tax and accounting problems before they arise, or address issues you may already have. Our multi-discipline approach ensures that you have the representation you need to keep the IRS at bay, by structuring your equine activities correctly.

Thinking about forming an equine business? We will help you make the most important decisions, such as:
  • Should I incorporate?
  • Partnership or Corporation, which is better for me?
  • What kind of Corporations are out there?
  • What kind of Corporation should I choose?
  • What is the best alternative for me?
  • How should I allocate ownership percentages?
  • How do I use sufficient protocols and procedures to successfully survive an IRS audit?
  • How do I incorporate my equine business with other business I may have to maximize potential income and properly allocate losses?
  • What can I do to cut overhead and costs?
  • What employment and planning issues do I need to consider?
  • What contracts will I need to protect myself?
We can help you answer these questions and more.

Already have an equine business and are having problems or are not sure if you are set up right?

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